The Fallen Slash RP 2
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PostSubject: *poke*   *poke* Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2007 7:03 am

Hehe. My smiley has a lip twitch.

So....I have a multitude of online names, most of which make no sense, but you guys can call me Eve or Cate. I'm 14 (but I'm not stupid. Please, please, please don't judge me by age. I hate people like that.) I'm in love with Escape the Fate and Saosin, go to a technical school for veterinary science, and can't wait to go to college and get out of the house. I read a VERY unhealthy amount of slash, because sometimes it's just so much better than regular books.

I was recruited over at about a month or so ago...I doubt you guys even remember my message...but whatever, I'm here now. Just gimme some time to read the fabulous 40 page rp you guys have cooked up and I'll wedge myself in there somehow...
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