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 Vampire - Redemption

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PostSubject: Vampire - Redemption   Vampire - Redemption Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 5:48 pm

Vampire The Masquerade Redemption

Vampire The Masquerade Redemption is a RPG vampire game itís completely free to play. The game enables you to play either online or on single player. Single player following a story of a young human warrior who gets hurt in battle, latter on in the game he falls in love with a woman called ĎAnerkaí from where he is turned into a vampire.

Online game play is SO MUCH MORE fun however, the storyteller system gives the players the ability to make his/her own game with your own rules, own map e.g. London, Your OWN NPCs and even your own weapons and guns. Unlike other RPG games, Vampire Ė Redemption gives the player control over the game, story and even the NPCs.

Why am I saying all this?

Vampire Ė Redemptionís community is starting to die out meaning fewe and fewer people beginning to play this AMAZING RPG game. If any of you are interested give me a shout via email (


What should I play?
-Unlike Forum RPGing Vampire Ė Redemption offers everything a forum RPG forum offers in 3D, you can even build your own skin (character) and even pick skins from games/movies e.g. Dracula.

Where can I get the game?
I have zipped the entire game; Iím just trying to bring back life to vampire Ė Redemption.

Do you have a forum?
Yeah, itís here:
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Vampire - Redemption
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